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Trijays Quartz

Sire: Champion Holzburg Mayhem

"One who possessed Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferocity, And all the virtues of Man without his vices?"

I have done mostly what most men do
And pushed it out of my mind;
But I can't forget, if I wanted to,
Four-Feet trotting behind.

Day after day, the whole day through -
Wherever my road inclined -
Four-Feet said, 'I am coming with you!'
And trotted along behind.

Now I must go by some other round, -
Which I shall never find -
Somewhere that does not carry the sound
Of Four-Feet trotting behind.

A doug aye loves ye for yoursel',
Whate'er your social scale,
And though your coat be auld an' green,
Comes up an' wags its tail.

If aince a doug becomes your pal,
He'll never let ye doon,
Although your buits be fou o' holes,
Your hat without a croon.

And noo, my friens, afore I stop,
A word into your lug:
The human race wad hae mair sense
If it was like my doug

We were privileged that he chose us to share his life

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