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This verse is to commemorate two lovely four-legged chums
Always ready for a romp in the park and then to fill their tums.
Sally the collie cross terrier loved the skin off the rice pud
She'd howl until given some, we knew we never should.
Her favourite game was hunting and she would dig out mice
Or dig into badger sett's and fight foxes even though it wasn't nice.
We had Tinker our Spaniel the only survivor from the whole litter
He was so insipid looking but I am pleased to say NO quitter.
He grew into a beauty with his coat a mixture of chestnut and gold
Many tales about the bond between the two of them could be told
They were great friends and were together for well over 13 years
And when we lost them both it left our hearts full of unshed tears.
I would like them to be remembered together in this last resting spot
A quiet place to remember good times, to show that I have not forgot.
Sleep well my friends and may you both enjoy the kennel in the sky
Two of the best friends that I ever had and until we meet again "Goodbye"

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