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I got Robbie five years after Charley died despite swearing I would never get another dog. He was completely different from Charley. I got him from the SSPCA rescue home in Hamilton. I had gone with a friend who was looking for a dog. She didn't get one...but I did.
Robbie was the runt of the litter and made straight for me and I just couldn't resist him. He was the funniest looking dog I ever saw with his little head and large body and his delicate little legs and feet. I had a lot of work with him as he wanted to be near me all the time, but eventually we got into a routine where he knew when I went out, I would come back with a treat for him.
He loved my dad, who was a widower by this time and I know he was a great comfort to my dad. He was with me through the most difficult times I ever had. He was mischievous but very affectionate and everyone who knew him loved him. He loved to toss plastic bottles in the air and chase them.
When he died, it was my fault. I had taken him out without a lead, I was only going to the shop for some dog food. He never ran off but that day he ran straight across the busy road and a car speeding past ran him over. I looked back to see if he was sniffing at the grass, and saw this black shape in the road and I knew. I ran across, but he was gone. I wouldn't leave him and a neighbour phoned my friend who came and helped me lift him back into the house. I buried him myself, in my sister's garden and I feel guilty still that I didn't have him on the lead that day.
He was the best friend I ever had.

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