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He was the runt of the litter, but funnily enough he grew to be the best one of the lot and lived longest. He was no rosette winner but he won my heart and many more besides because he was such a lovable docile dog.

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We once had a dog named "Rascal" who had a very good life
He wasn't ours exactly he belonged to my son and his wife.
But he loved to come and see us 'cos he used to have a cuddle
He did not like the rain at all and walked right round a puddle.

I taught him how to say please by making him sit up and beg
But he would not eat any doggy food, he liked his meat and veg.
One of his favourites was bolognaise and he used to love a "Mars"
He was never ever left on his own and he loved a ride in cars.

He would have had so much to tell if he only had a voice to talk
And he ran about like a two year old if anyone mentioned a walk.
His nature was so placid and calm he would not have hurt a soul
The only thing that bothered him was what was in his bowl.

His coat was smooth and silky and he hated having a bath
He liked to be in the centre of things and often made us laugh.
If he stayed with us overnight I would see that he was well fed
The next morning he would awaken us by jumping on the bed.

But like everyone else he got old and health began to fail
Even when he was poorly he would feebly wag his tail.
His legs got very weak and he could not manage to jump
He would stand so very still while I massaged him on the rump.

One day I was asked to stay with him until the vet had been
I knew soon as I saw him because his coat had lost its sheen.
He looked at me with painful eyes as I stroked his poor old head
I told him about pets from the past as he lay dormant on the bed.

When the vet came he shook his head and said he was in much pain
He said he could not give him an injection to make him well again.
So I had to make the decision to have our dear dog put to sleep
When he went to the kennel in the sky I could not help but weep.

But now he rests in the garden at the base of a Christmas tree
I only hope and pray that wherever he is, he is as happy as can be.

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